Barala Hospital have a big achievement in every sector of Medical

Barala Hospital got recognized in Medical Area

Barala Hospital also provides a facility for Bypass Surgery and Cancer centers through high-technology machinery.

Medical Checkup Camp

Free Medical Consultation and Medical Checkup Camp successfully hosted by Barala Hospital, Chomu.

Medical Treatment of 450 Patients

Free Medical Treatment camp served 450 Patients by Barala Hospital Experienced Doctors Team.

Backbone Operation by Dr. Amit Barala

Successful operation of backbone by our Neuro-Spine Specialist “Dr. Amit Barala”. The operation took place for 9 hrs and the patient is normal now.

Free Medical Checkup Camp

We hosted Free Medical Checkup Camp for all the people. We got immense responses from the people of Jaipur and nearby areas.

Barala Hospital become Life Line for North Rajasthan

Barala Hospital and Research Center from their hard work and expert team are recognized as Life Line for North Rajasthan.

Successful Brain Operation

Another benchmark was set by Barala Hospital and Research Center, by Neuro Spine Surgeon “Dr. Amit Barala”.

Heart Center

Barala Hospital and Research Center have Expert Cardiologists – who specialized in this field, are highly experienced & operated many cases successfully.

Celebrating 15th August

Barala Hospital and Research Center wish all Happy Independence Day.

Survived from Electric Shock

17 years old boy survived Electric Shock after great efforts from Barala Hospital and Research Center.

Gave Colorful Life

Barala Hospital and Research Center had a successful operation on the Eyes of Babulal who was not able to see from birth.

Started from 1995, Barala Hospital Expansion

Barala Hospital and Research Center were started in 1995 as Dental Hospital and now it has expanded as a multi-specialty hospital.

Blood Donation Camp

Barala Hospital and Research Center successfully hosted a blood donation camp at Laxmi Badhaala College.

High Tech Medical Facility Available

Barala Hospital and Research Center have been recognized as well-equipped hospitals with High-Tech Medical Facilities.

Success of Complex Operation of Backbone from Mouth

Barala Hospital and Research Center have a qualified and experience team of doctors and surgeons who can perform complex operations successfully.